Honeywell – Beyond Innovation

Control Solutions, Inc. (CSI) provides the latest state-of-the-art systems for integrating, upgrading, and new installations. The product showcased below represents the best in building automation and control applications available.

Honeywell WEBs is a product suite developed on the Niagara Framework that provides an end-to-end building automation solution. Users can seemlessly integrate LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, OPC and other standard protocols with legacy systems to provide a unified real-time controls network. The suite includes a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) allowing users to view and manipulate underlying systems without the need for dedicated workstations or client software.

This suite provides the ability to create a customized user interface that combines intuitive navigation screens with dynamic, real-time displays. Third party graphic images, debugs, and images can also be used in the creation of the user interface. Unique software technology eliminates the need for page refreshes or polling for data updates, thereby minimizing required bandwidth.

WEBs products bundle this software capability in a hardware platform that can be installed in typical building control environments. WEBs connect to system field busses and provide real-time control functions as constant streams of data from individual systems are instantaneously transformed to a common object model within the WEB. WEBs provide a fully distributed system when multiple units are networked together, which provides unsurpassed scalability and reliability.

Save Money – There are no additional workstations to buy. With the Web-enabled user interface, you can access the system via a browser from anywhere in the world.
Increase Flexibility – Communicate to LonWorks, BACnet, BACnet MSTP, Modbus and third-party protocols at the controller level.

Save Energy – Coordinate all energy-consuming loads in your buildng, from HVAC and lighting systems to manufacturing operations, to save energy and extend the lifetime of valuable equipment.

Increase Productivity – Provide comfortable, efficient, productive surroundings for your most valuable assests – your employees – when you create energy-efficient working environments that utilize energy only when and where it is needed.

Eliminate Needless Work – Manage activities and information in the most efficient manner, across all subsystems, from one workstation.

Honeywell WEBS N4 Network