Integrate or Upgrade?

Tips to help you know when and how to make that decision.

Upgrading or integrating an existing building automation system is no small undertaking. It requires a major commitment on the part of the entire organization in terms of time, resources and understanding. There are plenty of reasons to upgrade an older system. Increase operating efficiency, improved maintenance operations, enhanced occupant comfort and reduced overall operating costs.

There are equally important benefits to integrate older building automation systems. Today’s systems provide more capabilities at lower costs, more efficiency and remote access via the WEB. Most systems can tie together facility operations that older systems only address independently. Integrating your older existing system provides a migration path to adhere to the new industry standard open protocols. As a result, facility executives are faced with important decisions as the existing components are either obsolete or too expensive to replace. Given that each system is unique, a systems analysis should be completed. Control Solutions Inc, staff has extensive experience in systems upgrades and integrations, and is available to partner with you to develop a customized solution for your organization.